Sometimes, the fastest way to escape stress and anxiety is to stop running!

Helping strong, independent women feel just as fierce on the inside as they are on the outside

Ready to switch off that anxious voice in your head
so you can finally build the life you want?

On the outside, you’re a strong, independent woman – you’ve had to fight to achieve your goals and you’re not afraid to make your voice heard.
But on the inside, you’re exhausted – from having to force your way through life, working so hard to keep your anxiety under control.
Maybe you feel like an imposter, or you’re scared of losing everything.
So you wrap yourself in a suit of armor – no person or anxious thought is gonna get in your way!
But marching in to battle every day is exhausting – and your armor is heavy.
Always pushing through life will wear you down, no matter how strong you are.
You can fight your fears – or do something about them

With everything she facilitated in my discovery and healing of core beliefs, I’m not the same person. I’m safe in my own skin – I highly recommend working with Linda!

– Sarah D. Portland, OR

Hi, I’m Linda Duncanson

My mission is to help women become their true unstoppable selves
To help you take action, discover your true purpose and kick stress and anxiety to the curb.

You’re strong, you’re a fighter. People would be SHOCKED to realise how anxious and exhausted you really feel inside. That was my life: when I fell pregnant in my 20s, my anxiety went into overdrive. I felt like I needed to ‘stay in control’ so I overcompensated by putting on an emotional suit of armour to protect myself and fought every inch of the way – because I was so afraid of someone (or something, I’m looking at you anxiety!) controlling me. I thought I felt STRONG. But really, I felt tired – it was exhausting, and it wasn’t the partner, the mom or the person I wanted to be. I couldn’t complete projects, cancelled social outings and became a shell of the true me. I was heading for burnout, and I knew something needed to change. Sound familiar?


My job is not to fix you, but to help you discover your own wisdom, strength and beauty. 

Found my inner truth!

“I love getting Energy work from Linda! It leaves me balanced and focused. She has the ability to pull out so much “stuff” and help me find my inner truth. She is very gentle and caring in her approached and easy to talk to.”

T. D-M. – Chanhassen, MN

Relief from overwhelming anxiety

“I’ve tried many different treatments and traditional methods, used anti-depressants and everything.  Not until I met Linda and got the relief from overwhelming anxiety.  I can now function on a daily basis.  Thank you Linda for helping me find my courage to love.”

Dana H. – New Brunswick, NJ

Impacting My Life

“I have been watching and studying Youtube personal development mindset information for years.  But my two sessions with Linda made the biggest impact on my life by far.  I want to thank you for that!”

Abe A - Boston

I know my worth & value

“I had deep-seeded issues ever since high school with my self-esteem.  I now have the confidence to look people in the eye knowing my worth and value.  I’ve been promoted at work and have a great new relationship after doing this wonderful work with Linda!.

Amina J - Hopkins, MN

  What a dramatic shift! 

Thank you for the fabulous workshop Linda  and especially the tapping and NV holds we practiced.  I woke up the next morning and thought about the stressful situation and I started to laugh! I used the NV hold upon waking as well and my stress level was replaced with a light heartedness and feeling of calm and joy!  What a dramatic shift!  You can be sure I will be incorporating this tapping practice into my morning exercises and using the NV holds as a useful tool throughout my day.

Kim Herzog, MN

We’re capable of so much more than we think we are

– the power to succeed is already within you.

Safe in my own skin

I’m grateful to have been given the privilege of meeting & working with Linda! With everything she facilitated in my discovery & healing of core beliefs I am not the same person I was. It is now rare for me to experience headaches, the type 1 diabetes in my body is almost perfectly managed, I’m not in a state of confusion anymore, & I’m safe in my own skin. I highly recommend working with Linda!

Sarah D. Eauclaire MN

Thank you Linda for being there for me!

“Linda has been able to offer me healing hands through stresses at work, travel and occasional self maintenance days. I have always felt comfortable, cared for and safe. Linda has a great awareness of the body/mind connection and really understands how to promote healing within it. She helped me get back to a normal routine after my car accident.

She listens! She takes her cue from you.

Linda checks in with you, asks for feedback and is responsive in her methods of individualizing her care.

Thank you Linda, for being there for me!”

Terri R. – Brooklyn Center

A very gifted healer & beautiful person

“When I first met Linda I was immediately struck by her warmth and kindness. I have suffered through some very challenging life circumstances and have had many profound spiritual awakenings. In my initial interview with Linda I felt very comfortable and supported while sharing with her my personal experiences, and the many reasons why I was compelled to seek her services. During healing sessions with Linda I experienced a very powerful transformation.

The results that I have experienced in my life since working with Linda are incredible. She is a very gifted coach and mentor, a beautiful person, and I am very blessed to have met her!”

Megan – Minneapolis

We’re capable of so much more than we think we are

– the power to succeed is already within you.

A natural healer

“Linda is a natural mentor! I have experienced incredible relief from chronic pain and stress from my sessions with her.  I highly recommend her services to anyone who is suffering from stress and overwhelm.”

Sonia – Eden Prairie, MN

Limiting beliefs and emotions started opening up

“I had a powerful 1:1 session with Linda where she walked me through a guided visualization followed by EFT. The visualization helped me reframe a core story I had been carrying around since childhood and helped me see different interpretations so I could let go of that story. I’ve done EFT sessions in the past but they had never clicked for me before. I think the unique visualization she guided me through was key. Working with Linda, limiting beliefs and emotions started opening up. I’ve also experienced Linda as a presenter and facilitator of EFT for a group I lead. We received highly positive feedback from having Linda share her insights and tools on confidence-building and self-worth with the group”

Teresa Thomas - Win Win Connects

We’re capable of so much more than we think we are

– the power to succeed is already within you.