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Become a Soulmate Magnet in 90 days

High-achieving women know that life is better shared with someone – without having to settle or lose yourself!  Confidently attract the happy, peaceful, healthy relationship you dream of – because you deserve to be loved for exactly who you are.

I’m Linda Duncanson, and I’ve been exactly where you are. I was exceptionally good at what I did for a living, and enjoyed everything that went with it. Success. Financial independence. Professional self esteem.

But that work-related confidence I had? It just never seemed to translate into my romantic life.  

After too many unsatisfactory relationships (and stretches of time rejecting the whole concept of finding love), I realized I needed to work on myself. At that time, I struggled to believe I really could have it all… the success, money AND a great relationship. 


I started to understand the blocks and barriers I was putting up. The self-sabotaging actions I was creating. The hurt and anger I was harboring from previous relationships. 

The thing is, I knew I was pretty awesome in most aspects of my life. I just needed a dramatic change in my mindset in order to have a successful romantic relationship.

In short, I realized I needed to trust and love myself more – and find ways of making the reality meet all those things I desired. Guess what – it worked… and then some! So I went all-out and turned my experience into a tailored program. One which will help you make dramatic shifts in your emotions, priorities and expectations – so you can be clear, confident and committed to manifesting your ideal soulmate. 

In fact, by the end of 90 days, I promise that the energy you put out into that big old universe will be dramatically different than it is now.

Are you ready start attracting the love you want?

Unlock the same clarity and confidence 

in relationships, as you have in your work. 

You are just 3 Steps from Becoming a Soulmate Magnet

Step 1 – Set up Your Consultation

Step 2 - We get on a Zoom call and talk about your needs

Step 3 – If you are a good fit and I can help you, we will talk about whether my program is a good fit for you


When you finish my 90-day program, you will be ready to enjoy life with a partner who shares your dreams, laughter, and love.  Someone you can depend on and trust who lets you have your own life and be your own person.  You will be confident that your happy, healthy relationship is a dynamic that will last.

Stop wasting time and energy on people who don't deserve you
Be in a fun, wholesome relationship
Feel loved and appreciated
Never settle again, find your perfect partner
Be understood, valued, and trusted
Have open and honest conversation
Trust that it will happen for you…not just for others
Pursue your own dreams with unconditional love

If your success has kept you single, 

I will help you find the love you deserve. 

First things first – you’re a high-powered hero, and a force to be reckoned with! Success is hard-won, and you deserve all the best. I’m here to tell you that OF COURSE you can have the life and love you want when you:

Discover how you can

get what you really want...

the money, success AND the man. Determine who you’re really looking for – and the qualities you won’t (and don’t have to!) compromise on.

Have the

confidence to let the right person in

and keep the wrong ones out. Stop making the mistakes of your past, and create a positive framework to live, love and thrive by.

Manifest, attract and

choose the right person

by not settling for just any relationship and securing

a fulfilling, lasting one.

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