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About Me

Ever wish you could just wake up and feel better?
When I fell pregnant at 28, my anxiety stepped it up a notch.
Like… a BIG notch.

But I wanted to feel strong, so I strapped on my suit of metaphorical armor and ran head first through life.

Anxiety can’t catch you if you’re fast and fierce, right?

My confidence was jarred, I felt doubt and didn’t value my worth. I was hating myself in an endless loop of self-judgement.

Sure I was chasing my goals, but I felt like I was losing control and working too hard to stay in control, all at the same time.  And honestly? I was tired.
I was so tired of running from my thoughts. I was heading straight for burn out.

That’s how I figured out the fastest way to feel better is to take control of
what’s going on inside

I was tired of hating ‘me’, of running from anxiety and pretending to be brave just to prove (mostly to myself) that I was strong.

So, I created the Courage to Love Me Method. It changed my life, and now it helps women just like you to step into their true power and live a life they love.

The Courage to Love Me Method

In life, everything going on outside is amplified like a looking glass by how you feel inside. And life is always going to pitch you some curve-balls!

By blending science, movement and holistic therapies to balance mind, body and spirit, the Courage to Love Me Method brings you back to your true self. When you’re connected, certain and calm, it doesn’t matter what happens in life – you’re unstoppable.

Discover the Courage to love me method
Linda is the key to getting me back to lightness and joy
Every session I have with Linda has resulted in positive change in my thoughts or feelings, or both….it’s the Courage to Love sessions that have quickly helped me change my daily habits and set me on a new path to clear out the clutter in my house and my life.
Over the past decades I have experienced depression, job burn out and care giver stress many times and have tried many different trainers, healers and methods and all were helpful in their own way, but I feel Linda is the key to getting me back to the lightness and joy that I used to have when I was younger and have been missing in my life,

Peggy K, Robbinsdale, MN

Using my degree in psychology, my background in supporting at-risk youth and women domestic violence survivors and years of study in holistic therapies like Energy Psychology, Eden Energy Medicine, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) and Yin Yoga, I’ve been able to help women finally become the unstoppable version of themselves – overcoming the thoughts standing between them and the life they want to live.
Wake up every day feeling certain that life is on your side
After working through the Courage to Love Me Method, life is a joyful adventure for taking action. Instead of just pretending to be strong, now I feel strong inside and out. I love what I do because I’ve seen what’s possible – everything in my life improved. My relationships, my work, my health, all of it.
Working online or in person from my home in Minnetonka, Minnesota, I’m there to support you, to cheer for you and to give you that extra challenge when you need it. I’m right there with you, every step of the way. I used the Courage to Love Me method to find my own truth – and now I’m here to help you do the same.
When women come to work with me, they’re tired of trying things that don’t work – they just want to feel better.
Because life is meant to be joyful – if you’re not feeling that, then you’re in the right place.
Ready to bring more joy into your life?