Does Your Inside Match Your Outside?


Does Your Inside Match Your Outside?


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How to Build a Better Relationship with Money

Online Workshop

Do you wonder why you have trouble reaching your financial goals?  Or maybe you’re feeling lost because you’re not even sure what financial goals you need. Either way, when it comes to money, most people are sabotaging themselves in ways they never even imagined.  Money is energy, and energy can be transformed!

You might think money is (quite literally) out of your hands, but there is so much we can change within ourselves that changes the flow of money coming into our lives.

This workshop will take you behind the scenes to gain the clarity you need to remove the blockages holding you back from achieving financial freedom. After this class, you’ll have a technique you can use every day as you create the life you deserve!

Begin TODAY just $97

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Turn Your Sad into Glad!

Online Workshop

Do you get SAD? It could be Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or simply falling into the rut of feeling sad or depressed on a regular basis. In this workshop you’ll find out where those feelings come from – and what you can do about them!

Discover the 3 behaviors that feed your sadness and simple easy tools you can use every day to help you take control of those emotions and feel better right away.

This program is not only for the winter blues, these techniques are useful with all forms of depression.

After this program you’ll have the tools to prevent the SAD from setting in.

Begin NOW, just $79

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How to Balance Your Emotions without getting Overwhelmed, Frustrated or PISSED OFF!

Masterclass (4 Modules)

Four-part video series – Ready to welcome some calm into your life? Having the basic understanding of “why you are the way you are” is a huge step on your journey to emotional health – and then knowing what to actually DO about it.
This 4-module class includes self-help tools you can use any time, any place to balance your energies and understand what makes you tick. We cover identity, projections, memories, habits, beliefs and how you can overcome anxiety and stress. With simple ‘homework’ between classes, you’ll enjoy growing on a journey of gradual progression through personal growth and change.
All four modules ONLY $197 – Start NOW
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